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About the Academy

‘KILE CIVIL SERVICE ACADEMY’ is being established with the intention of creating professional, dynamic and efficient Civil Service officers from among the dependents of the labourers in Kerala. The dependents of the working class of the organised and the unorganised labourers of Kerala are eligible for admission to the academy. They will be provided with intensive coaching which will enable them to pursue their dreams and  qualify themselves through one of the toughest examinations in the world.


Presently, the representation of dependents of labourers mainly under unorganised sector in the high dignitary posts like Civil Services is comparatively very small. In order to ensure maximum representation of such classes, in the high profile posts such as Civil Services, the KILE, a welfare providing quasi-Government institution for labourers decided to launch a training programme in this field.

Location & Facilities

 The Academy is located in a prime area at the Office of The Kerala Labour Welfare Fund Board, Uppidamoodu Bridge, Vanchiyoor, Thiruvananthapuram. The classrooms and library are air-conditioned and are provided with the state-of-the-art facilities, including the Wi-Fi connectivity. The library is stacked with hundreds of books on relevant subjects, newspapers in English and Malayalam, journals and periodicals useful for the preparation of the Civil Service examination.

Straight  from the Horse’s Mouth

We are conducting direct as well as online classes. Compulsory monthly tests will be conducted in all subjects.

Other Features

  • Analytical Approach (Continuing exercises will be given to help the aspirants to improve their analytical skills).
  • Psychological Approach.
  • Academic Counselling.
  • Periodic tests.
  • Mock tests and interviews.
  • Developing time management skills.
  • Seminars, debates at regular intervals.
  • Participation of parents (Regular discussions with the parents on the academic progress of their wards.)
  • Capacity Building
  • Exclusive English classes.
  • Strict monitoring of attendance.
  • Strict maintenance of discipline.
  • General and digitalised library.
  • Highly professional faculty members.
  • Analytical Approach

Presentation, elaboration, analysis and assessment bring out the best from within the aspirants. As the Civil Service Course expects highly individualistic observations, original and unique responses from the students, each one has to be made familiar with special analytical skills.

  • Psychological Approach

There are students from impecunious social background and debilitating family situations. This may weaken their confidence. The Academy intends to instil courage and confidence into such aspirants.

  • Academic Counselling

A body of experienced teachers constitutes the Academic Committee, which will be responsible for the timely and judicious decisions on subjects, exams, discipline, allocation of hours, time table, etc.

  • Periodic Tests

Periodic tests are an effective measure to keep the students active and updated with regard to the areas of their study. The tests are structured strictly in tune with the UPSC question papers.

 Mock Tests & Interviews

Test series, mock tests and mock interviews, take the aspirants closer to their goals. Keeping this in mind, the Academy will be conducting mock tests and interviews at regular intervals following all UPSC Standards.

  • Developing Time Management Skills

The factor which often gets overlooked in Civil Service preparation programme is speedy response. This can be attained through continual test series. Training will be imparted paying attention to the time limit as the examination demands it.

  • Seminars & Debates at Regular Intervals

The Civil Service is a course which demands high academic excellence; therefore, seminars, debates and discussions are a part of it. These are conducted at regular intervals to bring out the latent talents and the potentials of the candidates.

  • Participation of Parents

The training requires continuous supervision not only from the faculty members but also from the parents as well. Teacher – student – parent trio best ensures positive results. Parents will be frequently called up to discuss the academic progress of their wards.

  • Capacity Building
  • The Academy is all set to identify the weak areas of each student and to work on them if they are found wanting. In order to overcome these short coming seminars, motivational lectures and orientation classes will be organised from time to time.
  • Exclusive English Classes

It is a common factor that most Civil Service exam training programmes short of is the fluency in the English Language, especially the lack of proper training in speaking and writing. This is indeed a barrier which hinders the aspirants in their studies. The English Language will certainly help the aspirants when they are posted as Civil Service officers in areas where the native language is different from their mother tongues. The only remedy is using the English Language as a medium of communication. It goes without saying that English serves as a very effective medium for communication. Hence special attention in this regard, will be given to the students to take local and national competitive exams.

  • Strict Monitoring of Attendance

Attendance will be taken every hour which makes it mandatory that the students attend all the lessons without fail. Also, it is an effective measure to check not only student participation but also teacher involvement.

  • Strict Maintenance of Discipline

Students, right from the beginning of the course, will be made to realise that the course is not a teaching course but a training course. As in the case of every training, success depends on unfailing discipline without which a trainee may not be able to keep his body and mind together. It is indispensable for a course like Civil Service which demands absolute commitment from the student.

General and Digitalised Library

Intensive study and focused reading are two key factors for success. Undoubtedly, library is a backbone to every centre. No academic course can be taught fully well and effectively without a good library. Therefore, the current requirements like digital systems are essential to facilitate easy access to the books required by each student.

  • Highly Professional Faculty Members

Much of the effectiveness of the course depends on its lectures. Timely feedbacks from the trainees ensure high standards of the coaching offered and the commitment and efficiency of the teachers as well.

Fee Details

The proposed fee structure is given below:

  • Regular Course of 8 months duration
  • Dependents of labourers from the unorganised sector

Rs.15,000 + 18% GST + Rs.2000 (caution deposit)

  • Dependents of labourers from the organised sector

Rs.25,000 + 18% GST + Rs.2000 (caution deposit)


Rs.30,000 + 18% GST + Rs.2000 (caution deposit)

  • Accommodation

Candidates are to find out their own accommodation at his or her own expense. The Academy is not able to provide accommodation at present.

Kile Civil Service Academy
IInd floor, Labour Welfare Fund Board Building
Near Uppidamoodu bridge
Vanchiyoor, Trivandrum – 695035
Ph: 0471 2479966
Email: kilecivilservice@gmail.com