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KILE-NEWS 2015 JuLY SEPTEMBER  Edition published

KILE PUBLISHED Njanum ente thozhil niyamangalum ist edition "employees provident fund niyamavum padhathikalum"

KILE PUBLISHED Njanum ente thozhil niyamangalum 2 ND edition "Kerala chumattu thozhilali niyamam 1978"


KILE PUBLISHED NJANUM ENTE THOZHIL NIYAMANGALUM 3rd  EDITION "thozhil naypunya vakuppu nadappilakkunna kshema padhathikal"


KILE PUBLISHED special kile-news for  kile's 37thanniversary"






Welcome to Kerala Institute of Labour and Employment

The economic reforms are bringing far reaching changes in the industrial and employment scenario of Kerala and Kerala Labour has to face new challenges arising out of it. In order to equip them to cope with the changing economic scenario, to maintain a cordial industrial relations climate in the State and to cultivate a new work culture among the three partners of industrial relations - the Government, workers and the management - the Institute is organising training programmes, seminars, workshops etc., and undertakes research programmes. 

Minister for Labour and Skills
President KILE
Sri. Philip Joseph


Executive Director


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