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  • Email: ed.kile@kerala.gov.in
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  • The Primary objective of the Institute is to provide for education, training and research in labour, employment and related subjects, with special reference to Kerala. The scope and functions of the Institute as stated in the Memorandum of Association include:
  • Organisation and administration of training programmes, study courses, conferences, seminars etc.
  • Organisation and administration of research programmes directly by KILE and support, promotion and co-ordination of such research activities of other agencies including Universities and other institutions of standing by an appropriate institutional framework for the purpose.
  • Analysis of specific problems encountered in the planning and implementation of labour, employment and allied programmes for recommending suitable remedial measures.
  • Preparation and publication of books, periodicals and papers in furtherance of the objectives of KILE
  • Establishment, maintenance and development of library, documentation centre and information services.
  • Support, promotion, co-ordination and direct undertaking of consultancy and such other professional service activities as may be necessary for the achievement of the objective of KILE
  • Collaboration with other institutions, in India or abroad, interested in similar objectives.
  • Awarding fellowships, scholarships, prizes and stipends in furtherance of the objectives of Kerala Institute of Labour and Employment